Fostering a culture of learning amongst nurses

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Creating a culture in which everyone can participate in evidence-based practice
(EBP) projects requires resources such as subscriptions to electronic journals and
databases, access to computers and the Internet, and release time to work on projects
and serve on evidence-based councils. Evidence-based projects rarely occur
without the combined expertise of multidisciplinary staff members who can readily
access the literature and have the time to work on a specific project. Therefore,
your first steps to developing an evidence-based culture should be assessing the
availability of the resources you will need.

Creating a culture of EBP requires administrative support and commitment,
including ongoing support from the chief nurse executive and the nursing leadership
team. Ideally, the leadership team will encourage nurses’ efforts to question
existing practice, make library resources and research experts available, and provide
protected time for nurses to work on evidence-based projects.

In organizations with a culture of EBP, nursing leadership values clinical inquiry,
scholarship, and questioning of the status quo. Staff nurses are empowered to use
evidence to improve their practice and have access to the resources they need to
accomplish goals related to improving the quality and safety of nursing care.
Take some time to evaluate what resources are available to you now and give
some thought about how EBP can be introduced successfully in your facility.

This is an excerpt from Evidence-Based Practice Made Simple. The entire book is available at the HCPro Marketplace.