What makes the perfect nurse?

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A 2016 study outlines what makes the perfect critical care nurse, from those who know best: critical care nurses.

The study covers a large swath of experience and education, with a majority of respondents who are mid-career (35-54) women with their BSN. Most of the respondents worked in an acute care setting, and nearly all of them reported high job satisfaction.

According to the respondents, the most important qualities for critical care nurses are observation, adaptability, and decisiveness.  Critical care nurses often practice on their own in a fast-paced environment, so being able to quickly assess any situation is incredibly important. The ability to think critically is also really valuable for a critical care nurse, as they’ll be challenged on a daily basis.

Though many of the respondents found the profession rewarding and valuable, they also warn that there are many pressures to perform. Critical care nurses must be able to deal with stress effectively, keep up with physical demands, and not get overwhelmed by the fast-paced environment. Overall, critical care nurses report to be happy with their positions and the challenges it presents.

You can read the entire study here.