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Peer into your nurse manager poll results

The world of nursing is always changing. To stay on top of what is affecting you and others in the profession, we create a new poll every week on the Strategies for Nurse Managers Web site. During the past few months, we asked for your take on hot topics such as The Joint Commission's (formerly JCAHO) Sentinel Alert on bad behavior and the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services' (CMS) recent regulations on hospital-acquired conditions. We also garnered your thoughts on best strategies for measuring patient satisfaction, the state of your staffs' morale, and your future in nursing. Interested in seeing where your answers ranked among the rest? Here are the results:

  • We asked what you thought the number one mistake was among new graduates in interviews and 40% of your votes went to "inappropriate attire." The interview miscue for another 40% of you was "late arrival" and 20% indicated new grads made poor eye contact.
  • While we were on the topic of interviews, we also asked whether your facility was contracted with a recruitment agency to attract potential employees. A large percentage (67%) said "no, it isn't necessary at this point." But the remaining 33% of you were all for the recruitment agencies they contracted with and the positive results they brought to the facilities.
  • When asked to rate staff morale at your facility, half of you said your staff had "good" morale. Another 25% rated your staff as having "excellent" morale and the other 25% of you rated it as "fair."
  • Sticking with staff and bringing in The Joint Commission, we asked for your view on the July Sentinel Alert, which requires hospitals to establish a code of conduct for bad behavior. The majority of your responses (71%) were favorable of this move, while the other 29% were not aware of the alert at the time.
  • At the start of October, the CMS brought hospital reimbursement for 10 hospital-acquired conditions to a halt. But according to the bulk of you, this is going to benefit patient care. Forty-three percent of you felt the new regulations would improve the quality of patient care. This was followed by a smaller percentage (29%) that wasn't sure whether the regulations would improve patient care and another 29% that thought the regulations would not improve it.
  • Sticking with patient care, we asked about the best methods for gauging patient satisfaction. "Conducting surveys" and "following up with patients post-discharge" both reeled in 43% of your votes as effective methods. "Hiring mystery patients" took in the remaining 14%.
  • Shining the spotlight on you, one of our most popular polls questioned your work-life balance. We asked you to grade yourself from A-F, and the responses were sporadic. Thirty-one percent of you gave yourselves a "B" for a work-life balance. Not far behind were the C's with 25% of your votes. Nineteen percent of you gave yourselves an "A" or a "D" and 6% chose "F."
  • And finally, we asked how long you plan on working in the nursing profession. With a whopping 82% saying "until you retire," it doesn't look like many of you will be straying far. The remaining 18% were divided evenly between "6-10 years" and "I'm not sure."

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