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Nursing informatics improve careers

Advancements in electronic health records (EHR) have improved nursing documentation and patient safety, but they have also created new career opportunities for nurses.

Most facilities have made the switch to EHRs, but there is still a gap between the information technology (IT) and the nurses who use it. Nurses often report dissatisfaction with the design of EHRs and their implementation; this creates an opportunity for tech-savvy nurses to improve the quality of EHRs and advance their careers.

Nurses have taken on two major roles in healthcare informatics: clinicians that utilize the technology to improve their day-to-day performance and specialists that help create, test, and implement new EHR technology. This second role includes many different responsibilities, including designing and training EHR protocols to nursing staff, acting as a consultant for IT development, and analyzing outcomes after a new system is introduced. This can create a wealth of opportunities for nurses, both at the bedside and in leadership positions.

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