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Massachusetts lawmakers push tougher penalties for attacks on healthcare workers

A pair of lawmakers in Massachusetts co-sponsored a bill that would increase penalties for attacks on nurses, physicians, emergency medical technicians, and other healthcare workers.

Although the bill was filed earlier this year, a recent attack on an EMT has shined a light on these types of incidents. Earlier this month, authorities say Julie Tejeda was being transported to Massachusetts General Hospital by two EMTs when she stabbed one of them seven times. Tejeda was charged with assault with intent to murder.

State Sen. Mike Brady, one of the bill’s sponsors said, “I have a lot of nurses who’ve been assaulted on the job and emergency medical technicians who’ve been assaulted that are trying to help save lives out there… We’re living in a different world today where, unfortunately, a lot of our public safety personnel aren’t respected like when we were young children. You were always taught by your mother and father to respect public safety personnel.”

Source: CBS Boston