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Building Your Professional Portfolio: Essential Tools for Healthcare Providers

A master portfolio is a repository of YOU—your stories, artifacts, reflections, and progress through school and work. It is important to properly construct that story, especially when using it for your professional development. This book provides the guidance and framework to help you translate your education and work experience into the narrative that represents and defines you.

Reflecting the research and opinions of its authors, contributors, and advisors, the book offers guides, tips, and tools to help you create your master portfolio and adapt it for interviews, performance reviews, and targeted audiences. It includes portfolio models and format examples, organization and evaluation rubrics, and case studies of various approaches to portfolio building contributed by experts in U.S. and global communities.

When building your master portfolio, when and where do you start? What gaps, opportunities, and challenges do you want to explore? How do you best tell your story? This book will help you answer all these questions.

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