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Nurse ordered to pay back wages

A former state nurse promoted to a RN Level III position at Governor Bacon Health Center in Delaware City was ordered to pay back wages once her employer determined that her promotion was an error.

Laura Rausch had originally believed she was going to advance from RN II Level I to RN II Level II. However, when she was preparing to fill out the required paperwork, an HR technician informed her she was eligible for an RN III promotion. She worked as an RN Level III for nine months before she was informed by HR that the technician had made a mistake, she was not eligible for the promotion, and would be retroactively demoted back to an RN II.

Rausch says the state ordered her to pay back wages but has given her varying answers for the amount owed. She attempted to appeal the decision but said she missed a key filing deadline due a delay getting paperwork from the state. Rausch has since left her job after the state began garnishing her wages. She now works in private nursing. 

Source: WDEL