Promoting performance excellence

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Promoting performance excellence

As managers and leaders, we all want to improve our patient outcomes while balancing staff satisfaction. This is something that we strive for, even though it is not an easy task and many obstacles surround us.

When trying to improve quality as well as productivity, keep in mind the Baldrige Quality Program that offers criteria you can follow as you work toward achieving your goals of excellence. The Baldrige Quality Program offers staff and leader progress surveys to use within your organization, which will help provide a dose of reality for all.

Misperceptions can quickly defuse any energy gained in your progress for achieving excellence. Use the following survey criteria to guide the evaluation of your status as well as assist in developing some realistic goals:

  • Achieve superior healthcare outcomes and service delivery outcomes
  • Attain positive patient-/customer-focused outcomes
  • Achieve significant gains in financial and market outcomes
  • Know your strongest assets
  • Demonstrate your ability to operate as a leader through organizational effectiveness outcomes
  • Realize leadership and social responsibility outcomes through your role modeling
  • Cultivate a results-driven environment


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Shelley Cohen, RN, MSN, CEN, Health Resources Unlimited, Adapted with permission.