There's no excuse for not delegating

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There’s no excuse for not delegating

If any of the excuses below sound familiar to you—if they’re excuses you’ve used before—please note this makes you normal. When a person becomes comfortable and has an excuse not to do something—in this case, delegate—he or she will have little motivation to change.

As a nurse manager, you may be afraid to delegate for any of several reasons:

  • You’re afraid staff will feel even more overworked than they already do
  • You worry that staff cannot complete the task as well as you
  • You don’t trust anyone else on staff to handle the task
  • You believe you can complete the task more effectively and efficiently yourself
  • You don’t think your boss would want you to delegate any of your job functions or tasks

Each day you continue this pattern of not delegating, realize that you are:

  • Disempowering your staff
  • Discouraging professional accountability
  • Giving the impression that you don’t respect or trust your staff
  • Sending the message that you believe your staff lack the knowledge or skill to do the job 


Shelley Cohen, RN, MSN, CEN, Health Resources Unlimited, Adapted with permission.