Nurse Residency Program Builder, Second Edition

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With newly licensed nurses being the largest source of registered nurses in the nation, organizations have found that one of the most successful ways to attract and retain them is through a nurse residency program (NRP). When set up properly, an NRP can provide an ongoing support system and a gradual immersion into the profession which can avoid the “sink-or-swim” approach that still pervades the industry.

Organizations looking for resources to design and build their own NRP need look no further than Nurse Residency Program Builder, Second Edition.

This title provides a multitude of expert advice and resources to get you started and truly make the program work for your facility. Each chapter gives you the best-practice components needed to implement or enhance a successful NRP within your organization.

Establishing a nurse residency program has been shown to benefit organizations through:

  •     Higher rates of new nurse retention
  •     Decreased turnover rates
  •     Improved job satisfaction and confidence
  •     Higher organizational commitment
  •     Measurable cost savings for the organization

While establishing an NRP requires a high level of commitment, time, and collaboration, this book will guide you step-by-step through getting your fledgling program established and running effectively, the result being a safer organization with more satisfied, clinically competent nurses.