Nurses picket over safety, patient care concerns

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Nurses at the University of Chicago Medical Center held a rally outside the hospital on Monday to bring attention to what they say are unsafe working conditions and inadequate staffing.

The union National Nurses United (NNU) organized the demonstration, which differs from a strike because there was no work stoppage nor were members of the public discouraged from crossing the picket line. The demonstrators say the hospital is plagued by chronic short staffing, as well as insufficient security, and faulty equipment. In particular, NNU is advocating for the hospital to adhere to a similar nurse-patient ratios as hospitals in California. Legislation in California mandates that hospitals maintain certain nurse-patient ratios. 

A hospital spokesperson disputed the NNU’s claims of understaffing and pointed out that certain units in the hospital already exceed the patient-nurse ratios required of hospitals in California.

Source: The Chicago Maroon