My organization is developing a quality improvement program and is going to start holding meetings soon. How should I go about this process to make sure I am following my organization’s requirements for meetings?

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Check with your organization's HR or quality department to determine whether there are specific requirements in place for your setting. If there are no formal requirements for meeting structure, frequency, and documentation, consider the recommendations that follow. If your organization does have requirements, the following recommendations can easily be tailored and incorporated into your structure to enrich the content and help you to conduct and document meetings efficiently and effectively:

  • Obtain your organization’s policy, procedure, or guidelines about how often to conduct staff meetings and quality meetings, mandatory content or agenda structure, and required/recommended formats for meeting documentation.
  • Learn who needs copies of your minutes—such as your supervisor or the quality department. Also find out how long you should keep copies of your minutes and the underlying data.

Devote a portion of each monthly staff meeting to quality. This will not always include a review of specific indicators and measurement data; however, the manager should convene the meeting as a quality management or quality improvement review session. The subject material will vary depending on the department.

Cynthia Barnard, MBA, MSJS, CPHQ

(August 2010)