What are some nurse-driven projects I can implement to improve nurse satisfaction?

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Quality improvement projects to improve nurse satisfaction need to be coordinated at both the departmental and unit levels. Examples of departmental projects include:

  • A retention committee to evaluate NM workload
  • Older-nurse focus groups
  • Increased nursing recognition (via programs such as the DAISY© Award)
  • Increased staff nurse membership on departmental retention committee
  • Optimal float nurse program design and implementation
  • Use of staff nurse council suggestions
  • Nurse staffing advisory council

Quality improvement projects to address nurse satisfaction at the unit level include:

  • Development of unit-based scheduling protocols and self-scheduling
  • Development of educational processes on improving collegial relationships at the unit level. This process may include the implementation of social committees, journal clubs, unit projects, intercollegiate task forces to improve interdisciplinary unit staff, including physicians, pharmacists, social workers, etc., with discussion regarding communication and collaboration.
  • Improvement of preceptor programs to provide a preceptor to each new nurse or utilize departmental mentoring program
  • Development of methods to ensure release or nonpatient care time for shared governance and preceptor activities

Cynthia Barnard, MBA, MSJS, CPHQ

(January 2011)