Nursing contact hours

HCPro and are here to help support your continuing education (CE) efforts. Many of our recent publications for nurse leaders offer continuing education credits.

The following HCPro books currently offer nursing contact hours with the successful completion of the included final exam and evaluation:

  • Nursing Peer Review, Second Edition
  • The Preceptor Program Builder
  • Nursing Professional Development Competencies
  • Finance and Budgeting Made Simple: Essential Skills for Nurses
  • The Nurse Manager's Legal Companion: A Practical Guide to Legal Best Practices
  • Nursing Professional Development: A Practical Guide for Evidence-Based Education
  • Healthcare Simulation Program Builder: Easy Tools to Build and Enhance Your Staff Training

The following HCPro books no longer offer nursing contact hours. Some of these books are out of print or have been replaced with newer editions:

  • A Practical Guide To Finance and Budgeting
  • A Practical Guide To Leadership Development
  • A Practical Guide To Legal Issues: Skills for Nurse Managers
  • A Practical Guide To Managing the Multigenerational Workforce
  • A Practical Guide To Nurse Management in the ED
  • A Practical Guide To Recruitment and Retention
  • A Practical Guide To Staff Development, Second Edition
  • Accountability in Nursing
  • Avoidable Day Analyzer
  • Charge Nurse Program Builder: Tools for Developing Unit Leaders
  • Competencies for Staff Educators
  • Competency Evaluation Tools for Case Management Professionals, Second Edition
  • Core Skills for Hospital Case Managers
  • Core Skills for Nurse Managers
  • Creating A Just Culture: A Nurse Leader's Guide
  • Critical Thinking in the Emergency Department
  • Critical Thinking in the Intensive Care Unit
  • Critical Thinking in the Medical-Surgical Unit
  • Critical Thinking in the Obstetrics Unit
  • Critical Thinking in the Operating Room
  • Critical Thinking in the Pediatric Unit
  • Emergency Department Case Management
  • Ending Nurse-to-Nurse Hostility, Second Edition
  • Evidence-Based Age-Specific Care
  • Evidence-Based Competency Management for the Emergency Department, Second Edition
  • Evidence-Based Competency Management for the Intensive Care Unit, Second Edition
  • Evidence-Based Competency Management for the Med-Surg, Second Edition
  • Evidence-Based Competency Management for the Obstetrics Unit, Second Edition
  • Evidence-Based Competency Management for the Operating Room, Second Edition
  • Evidence-Based Competency Management System, Second Edition
  • Evidence-Based Falls Prevention
  • Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing: A Guide To Successful Implementation
  • Evidence-Based Pressure Ulcer Prevention, Second Edition
  • Evidence-Based Staff Development
  • Hospital Case Management Models
  • Innovation in Nursing Staff Development
  • Lead! Becoming An Effective Coach and Mentor To Your Nursing Staff
  • Learning Styles in Nursing Education
  • Managing Documentation Risk: A Guide for Nurse Managers, Second Edition
  • Nurse Educator Manual: Essential Skills and Guidelines for Effective Practice
  • Nurse Residency Program Builder
  • Nurse Retention Toolkit: Everyday Ways To Recognize and Reward Nurses
  • Nursing Peer Review
  • Nursing Research Program Builder: Strategies To Translate Findings Into Practice
  • Optimizing the Physician Advisor in Case Management
  • Patient Satisfaction and the Discharge Process
  • Professional Growth in Staff Development
  • Quality Improvement for Nurse Managers
  • Quick-E Pro: Evidence-Based Practice: A Guide for Nurses
  • Quick-E Pro: Scripting: A Guide for Nurses
  • Quick-E Pro: Time Management: A Guide for Nurses
  • Reducing Readmissions: A Blueprint for Improving Care Transitions
  • Shared Governance, Second Edition
  • Soaring To Success
  • Speak Your Truth
  • The Image of Nursing
  • The Nurse Leader's Guide To Business Skills
  • The Survival of Staff Development

The following HCPro videos no longer offer nursing contact hours:

  • Age-Specific Competencies
  • Critical Thinking, Coping, and Communication in Nursing
  • Evidence-Based Pressure Ulcer Management: Methods to Prevent, Assess, and Treat
  • Nurse Precepting: A Video Guide to Effective Mentoring
  • Practicing Accountability in Nursing: A Video Guide to Making Personal and Professional Commitments
  • Strengthening Nurse-Physician Relationships
  • Strengthening Nurse-to-Nurse Relationships

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